This is the “Administration Area”

This is where background information and lists of objectives can be found.

TAP and Common Core Standards

Test of Academic Proficiency HERE. Go to the framework Subarea III-Mathematics on pages 2-7 and 2-8. Example: Standard 16 Solve problems involving algebra and geometry. Solve problems involving lines and angles. Common Core State Standards for Mathematics HERE Include the code number and the text of the standard.  For example: 7.RP.3 Use proportional relationships to …

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Tips for WO and MML

WO = WesternOnline MML = MyMathLab Go to WO first. To get to MML, go through WO. WO: Use the Check Your System for Compatibility “browser check” MML: Take off the Pop-Up blocker for MML/Pearson (On an iPad: settings|Safari|turn off the Pop-Up blocker) Under privacy|cookies Always allow cookies. (iPad:settings|Safari|Always allow cookies) iPad: Download the PearsoneText …

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