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Jan 23

Keys to Unlocking Students’ Problem-Solving Skills

Here’s a nice infographic that recently appeared at Note the basic Problem-Solving Process given. It has 5 steps.  Which of our 4 steps (from class) got expanded into 2 steps? Follow the link:

Mar 23

Spotting Numbers and Visual Patterns

Here a two great websites that provide lots of great pattern problems. [this website hasn’t been functional lately – too bad! – Spotting Numbers – interactive, does require Java.] Visual Patterns – less interactive, (no Java needed). These patterns can be used with elementary students (if you just ask number questions) through advanced algebra (if …

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Feb 06

Ways to Understand a Problem

Attached is a list of 25 way to understand a problem.  This is the first step in the 4-step Problem-Solving Process. Students often have only two methods 🙁   Reread the Problem and Ask the teacher.  They need to learn there are other ways to go about understanding a problem. ……examples….. Determine what is to be found. Underline/highlight important …

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