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Aug 13

Welcome – Fall 2018

Welcome to Math 260! This website is 1 of 3 websites we use for Math 260. This page has links and SBA Objectives and the SBA Schedule of SBA Quizzes and course announcements. WesternOnline (WO) – used for the Mastery Quizzes (later in the course) MyMathLab (MML) – used for online homework practice and …

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Sep 09

Practice Homework Note

Note: The MyMathLab (MML) homework (which is for practice) will be left open through the end of the semester.  This is following a request by a student.  This way it can be practiced later on for exams and the final exam. The graded homework (which are quizzes inside MML) of course have a due date.

Aug 25

Note for August 2015 – MML!! ~~ update

To access MyMathLab you do this straight from WesternOnline (WO).  Log on the WO first. (Go to Math 260.) Click the Pearson link.  The following document shows how to do this See   – Note: This page was updated slightly on 8/26/2015.  

Apr 01

Study plan tips for studying for exams You can earn a LEG UP coupon for creating a study plan and study materials and showing them to Dr. Olsen (within a week after the exam). Exam II Exam III You can earn a LEG UP coupon for having your notebook organized and have it contain a typed cover page.