Oct 01

Important Announcements:

Dr. Olsen will be out of town at a conference the week of Oct. 7-11.

  1. Class will not meet the week of Oct. 7-11. (Fri., Oct 11, is fall break.)
  2. One class meeting will be cancelled the week of Oct. 7-11.
  3. As a substitute for the other class meeting, we will have 3 videos: a percent video and two mental math strategy videos. Please watch: video 1, video 2, video 3. Please do the (pink) mental math sheets. The pink sheets will be passed out before I leave town.
  4. Homework that might normally be due Friday, Oct. 11, will be due Monday, Oct. 14, due to the Fall Break. Due Oct. 14: section 7.3.
  5. On Monday, Oct. 14, we will answer questions on 7.4.
  6. There will be no not POW’s distributed and no POW presentations the week of Oct. 7-11.