Aug 22

iPad (and Mac) tip for using MML

iPad (and Mac) tip for using MML: Go to settings|Safari and do not Block Pop-ups and under Block Cookies change it to ‘Always Allow.’

Jan 27

45 Growth Mindset Tweets

This semester I will be tweeting 45 useful things to know about the Growth Mindset and being a successful math student.

My Twitter is @DrOlsen314

I also have a page listing the tweets here.

Jan 27

MML on an iPad

To view MML in the Safari browser, first go to settings|Safari. De-Select Block Pop-ups & Always Allow Block Cookies. Then reopen Safari. It is best to go to WesternOnline first and then click to get to MML.

Jan 23

Keys to Unlocking Students’ Problem-Solving Skills

Here’s a nice infographic that recently appeared at

Note the basic Problem-Solving Process given. It has 5 steps.  Which of our 4 steps (from class) got expanded into 2 steps?

Follow the link:

Dec 01

3D Shapes video

Nice 3D Shapes music video:


Oct 28

Three-Part Ratio Example

Go to this page to see a worked example of a Three-Part Ratio problem.

Oct 17

Putting fractions in lowest terms video

Putting fractions in lowest terms sounds simple, but often it presents difficulties if we don’t have good strategies.

Go to the page under PFD to find the video.

I hope this helps!

Oct 06

Archimedes’ Puzzle

“The Stomachion is an ancient tangram-type puzzle. Believed by some to have been created by Archimedes, it consists of 14 pieces cut from a square. The pieces can be rearranged to form other interesting shapes. In this lesson, students learn about the history of the Stomachion, use the pieces to create other figures, learn about symmetry and transformations, and investigate the areas of the pieces.”

I really like the area questions.

Has an Activity Sheet.

Sep 09

Practice Homework Note

Note: The MyMathLab (MML) homework (which is for practice) will be left open through the end of the semester.  This is following a request by a student.  This way it can be practiced later on for exams and the final exam.

The graded homework (which are quizzes inside MML) of course have a due date.

Aug 31

Schedule of SBA Quizzes

No Calculators allowed on SBA Quizzes, as a general rule. Occasionally, as warranted, calculators will be allowed.

See the Admin menu|Course Objectives for the details of each objective.

Standard Date of 1st Quiz Date of 2nd Quiz


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