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Oct 28

Three-Part Ratio Example

Go to this page to see a worked example of a Three-Part Ratio problem.

Apr 27

Conic Sections on Desmos

Go to this Desmos graph It shows two each of the four conic sections Circles, Ellipses, Hyperbolas, Parabolas Note: A hyperbola has two branches. Only one is shown in the image.  A cone actually has two frustums.  The image only shows one frustum.

Apr 07

Stacking Cups – Two Stacks

This is a 3-Act lesson. It involves systems of linear equations to model a physical situation.  (This could be thought of an extension of the cup-stacking activity that has been around for some time.  However, I think this lesson can be done without the original, one-stack lesson.)–act-1#