Virtual Manipulatives

Almost every physical math manipulative is available on the internet virtually.

I’m starting a project where I compile a list of recommended virtual math manipulatives and games.  It will take a while to complete the database.

These pages provide information about math manipulatives and games, physical and virtual.

Database with Links

Here is the database of Online Manipulatives and Games. It includes links to the webpages.

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Background on Manipulatives Hands on Learning ​Materials as Tools for Learning –  good overview page on how students of all ages benefit from being able to use tools and materials to model and solve problems and explain their thinking. Includes a PDF listing manipulatives by grade for this school district. Virtual Manipulatives Math Manipulatives: About …

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Drinking from a Fire Hose

Virtual Manipulatives: Lists of Lists The database of recommended virtual math manipulatives and games will list specific manipulative (and games).  These typically come from large sites with a list of many virtual manipulatives. Here are some of the sites providing virtual manipulatives. Didax – Virtual Manipulatives ToyTheater Math Learning Center CoolMath4Kids Mathsbot McGraw Hill Manipulatives …

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