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Virtual Manipulatives: Lists of Lists

The database of recommended virtual math manipulatives and games will list specific manipulative (and games).  These typically come from large sites with a list of many virtual manipulatives.

Here are some of the sites providing virtual manipulatives.

  1. Didax – Virtual Manipulatives
  2. ToyTheater
  3. Math Learning Center
  4. CoolMath4Kids
  5. Mathsbot
  6. McGraw Hill Manipulatives
  7. NCTM Illuminations Interactives
  8. MyMathFolder – list of lists
  9. Mathigon – Quickly becoming a leader in online math learning activities.
  10. Teacher Tools at Dreambox New, has some cool, creative, visual methods.
  11. Brainingcamp
  12. Phoenix College Virtual Manipulatives – includes GeoAnlges
  13. CT4ME – Math Manipulatives: Virtual Manipulatives on the Web – some use Java
  14. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM)  – historically excellent. However, sometimes problematic.
  15. From the Techie Teacher
  16. MathsBot.com


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