Percents Fractions and Decimals (PFD) – Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning

Webpage: Fractions – What is one-half plus one-third?This is a page with various resources.  Included is Yellow Pages, which is a comprehensive review of fractions, decimals, and percents

NCTM Fraction Model Applet – good for modeling fractions

Infographic: Making Sense of Percent Change

Here’s my (big) *Making Sense of Percent Change* Infographic. Let me know what you think please. #iteachmath #7RP3andBeyond Save Save

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Putting Fractions into Lowest Terms – Video

Here is a video on strategies for putting fractions into lowest terms. ( How to make what seems to be overwhelming manageable, even easy – The key is using prime factors. Techniques for putting fractions in lowest terms (“simplifying” fractions). from James Olsen on Vimeo.

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PFD Games and Activities

Locating Fractions on a Number Line Fraction Addition Estimation Practice             Fraction Division Problems with Bar Models Estimating Fraction Division             Field of Fractions (multiplication)

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3 Vehicles and 5 Representations

Good overall article on teaching fractions.  

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Long Division Viral Video

Florida Teacher’s Long Division Song Gets Students, Internet Hyped #Rap CLICK HERE to go to the webpage and view the long division viral video. Divide – Multiply – Subtract – Bring Down

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Base Blocks Decimals online tool

Disclaimer: This program uses Java.  Java is getting quite hard to use.  This renders this program unusable for most people. If you know of an update or good alternative, let me know. This is from the “NLVM” The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. A useful site Base Blocks Decimals – Add and subtract decimal values …

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Hands On Fraction Activities

See: I really like the Pipe Cleaner Number Lines.  I think it has a lot of potential.  

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1935 Eighth Grade (Nebraska) Examination

Here is the 1935 Eighth Grade Examination given in Nebraska. A few things of note for the arithmetic portion. Of the 10 questions: 9 of the questions involve fractions, decimals, or percents. 6 of the questions involve percents. Percents have always been, and continue to be, very important in our world and in mathematics. 2 …

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Equiv Fractions

Here’s a fun video with a song on Equivalent Fractions

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Three-Part Ratio Example

…Andrew, Bill, and Carmen invest in a corporation in the ratio of 2:7:6,…. Click here to see a worked example of a Three-Part Ratio problem.

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Sample Mastery Quiz Answers

Click to see the practice Mastery Quiz exercises (all four quizzes)>>SampleMasteryQuizANSWERS

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Multiplying Fracs

Song video on multiplying fractions:

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Part-Part Fractions!

We usually think of fractions as part to whole. However, fractions can be part to part fractions. Here are a few ideas. Stating part-to-part relationships as ratios is more common. Part-to-part relationships can be stated (written) as fractions, as well. From the Common Core State Standards: 3 cups flour to 4 cups of sugar      3 …

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from James Tanton

James Tanton has a website, with numerous videos, on fractions.

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Rates and Unit Analysis

#Math #Modeling is all about rates and unit analysis. New SAT Math Sample Item @CollegeBoard — Jim Olsen (@DrOlsen314) May 21, 2016

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The Mediant

The mediant is the name for the answer you get by adding fractions incorrectly (‘the freshman dream’). @berryprof wrote a great article on this in the Math Teacher. You can also google for it. I encourage you to look at the MT article or google. The mediant (#math) can be thought of as the new …

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Word Wall Ratios & Proportions

Free 18-page download. Most of these are very good. There are a few that could be improved. Save

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Tiled Areas

Tiled Area Questions by Steve Wyborney  Numerous printables available (free). “Tiled Area Questions are designed to provide students with the opportunity to compose and decompose numbers.  This post primarily focuses on fractions.” Unit (1) is given in the lower left corner.   Save

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Properties of Proportions

See this PDF: Properties of Proportions

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Divide frac by whole

Video on how to divide a fraction by a whole number.  

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For Résumés

Interestingly, this author puts Math-Mindedness right along side the other things for the résumé, such as teamwork, experience, and communication skills. Very cool!! He also points directly to the importance of PFD and percent change! Whether you are looking for a job yourself, or preparing students for the real-world, take note!

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