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Mar 20

Fun Math Challenges For Kids

Fun Math Challenges For Kids I have a nephew who is getting bored (being out of school).  He likes math.  I’m preparing some fun math challenges for my nephew and any other elementary student that wants to try some fun math. Please see the Area for Kids above and the Fun Math Challenges For Kids …

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Jan 23

Keys to Unlocking Students’ Problem-Solving Skills

Here’s a nice infographic that recently appeared at Note the basic Problem-Solving Process given. It has 5 steps.  Which of our 4 steps (from class) got expanded into 2 steps? Follow the link:

Mar 23

Spotting Numbers and Visual Patterns

Here a two great websites that provide lots of great pattern problems. [this website hasn’t been functional lately – too bad! – Spotting Numbers – interactive, does require Java.] Visual Patterns – less interactive, (no Java needed). These patterns can be used with elementary students (if you just ask number questions) through advanced algebra (if …

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Feb 06

Ways to Understand a Problem

Attached is a list of 25 way to understand a problem.  This is the first step in the 4-step Problem-Solving Process. Students often have only two methods 🙁   Reread the Problem and Ask the teacher.  They need to learn there are other ways to go about understanding a problem. ……examples….. Determine what is to be found. Underline/highlight important …

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