Whole Numbers and Their Operations

Area Model Multiplication Song

This Area Model Multiplication Song is useful because it is visual, conceptual, has some examples, and is a song. We (and elementary students) do this in class with Base Ten Blocks. Click to view video in YouTube.  

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The 15 Addition and Subtraction Problem Types for Second Graders

There are 15 scenarios that lead to a one-step addition or subtraction solution. Click here for the ‘mini-assessment’ that can be used with second graders. The first second grade CCSSM standard is 2.OA.1.  It leads to these 15 problem-types! Use addition and subtraction within 100 to solve one- and two-step word problems involving situations of …

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Kids Draw Factor Trees

Check out this web page in which students drew factor trees. Interdisciplinary learning activity. Art and Math!! http://pinkmathematics.blogspot.com/2013/02/important-factors.html A couple examples. Note the Primes!!:

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Visual Division – from Math Playground; connects long division and equal groups. Connecting Cubes at McGraw Hill – these work for dividing into a given number of groups (fair sharing) or equal groups (repeated subtraction). Number Pieces (Base Ten Blocks) – works pretty well for division.  Can annotate. Bag–Matic from DreamBox – visually shows the …

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Factorize Game

Factorize Game From NCTM Illuminations Find the ways a number can be factored.

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Long Division Videos

See This Page for 5 videos on long division. Basics of long division (introduction). Long division applet at www.thegreatmartinicompany.com. Long division with remainders – remainders, mixed numbers, and decimals. Long division with decimals. Converting fractions to mixed numbers and decimals. http://faculty.wiu.edu/JR-Olsen/wiu/BootCamp/Videopages/video4.htm Also, don’t miss this Division Rap by kids.

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Factris Game (like Tetris)

Thinking about how a number factors. Uses the area model for multiplication. Sweet!! 😎 https://mathigon.org/factris

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More Number Games

This is a page where I’ll list more number games. Mystic Numbers  – Number sense. There is a strategy (beyond just guess and check) for solving these.

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