This is where Standards Based Assessment (SBA) information will be found.

Course Objectives

These are the course objectives from the textbook (A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers by Billstein, Libeskind, and Lott). There are additional objections not from the book, such as problem solving objectives and mental math objectives. (Note for Spring 2016: Objectives are being adjusted to match the 12th Edition of the …

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Schedule of SBA Quizzes

No Calculators allowed on SBA (Standards Based Assessment) Quizzes, as a general rule. Occasionally, as warranted, calculators will be allowed.  SBA quizzes are usually on Fridays (but there are exceptions.)   See the SBA menu|Course Objectives for the details of each objective. Standard Date of 1st Quiz Date of 2nd Quiz S.1 Sept. 2 Sept. …

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