Timeless Notes

Timeless Announcements

These are announcements which will hold true most semesters. There will be other announcements posted (as postings) on the front (Home) page.

Grades in WO (WesternOnline)

†Grades from MyMathLab (MML) are synced to WO periodically (but not automatically). One reason the grade shown on WO may be slightly inaccurate is if there are MML grades that have not been synced over yet.

(More below.)

Don’t Miss These Subtleties

This is a list of subtleties. These may appear to be *trivial. However, they are actually very important–upon which, seemingly more interesting facts/concepts are built.. The successful student not only knows these facts automatically, but can also explain why. 100% is 1. This is consistent (well, it should be, all math is consistent) with the …

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Phone Scan-to-PDF Apps

We are scanning homework (and more) for electronic submission (due to the Covid-19 pandemic and remote learning, but this will be common in the future). It is important to get an app that you know how to use well so that you can scan homework to a PDF document for uploading to WesternOnline.  Most use …

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Great list on classroom environment

‘Be picky’ and 24 other great tips for teachers on how to manage a classroom. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2014/10/22/be-picky-and-24-other-great-tips-for-teachers-on-how-to-manage-a-classroom/ NOTE: ‘Be picky’ is not really on the list (it is just the click-bait). In fact, being a little flexible is better than being picky.

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