Aug 30

MyMathLab (online textbook) issue is now resolved !

The errors with MyMathLab (MML) have now been corrected. We are using the 12th edition of the textbook.

You can use the link. Go to wo.wiu.edu (WesternOnline). Then click Math 260. Then click Pearson link on the right-hand side. You will have to have a Pearson login (or re-use one from a past semester). You will need to enter an access code or pay online. There is a ’14-day trial’ which is useful so you can start using MML right away.

Note that if the computer asks for a courseID, you are in the wrong place.

For the students who already entered an access code in the old (incorrect) course, that course has been deleted. Dr. Olsen will let you know how you can get a replacement access code at no cost.

If you have problems with MML, come to Dr. Olsen’s office. Most issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes.

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